Improve the security of your WordPress

Once the plugin is configured, a one-time password (SMS) will be sent to you at your next logins to authenticate yourself.

By adding this extra layer of security, it's much harder for hackers to break into your accounts.


Each user can have their own number and the 2FA feature does not have to be enabled for all users.

The process to assign a number to a user is very simple and is done in 2 steps.

Free 0.25$ (25 SMS) on registration

Creating an account is free and we give you 25 SMS to try our plugin.

When your balance reaches 0, you can add funds to your account.

Dramatically improve your security

Keep the data on your website secure by adding SMS 2FA.

Download plugin

No monthly fees, one simple fee per message

Every time we send you an SMS, $0.01 is debited from your account.


You can add funds directly into your account.

Accepted countries

For the moment, we only accept phone numbers from the following countries: Canada and the United States.